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About the Department

The Department of Sociology in erstwhile Cotton College State University (CCSU) was established on 1st August 2015 with Masters programme. The PhD programme was launched in the year 2017. The Department introduced undergraduate course in Sociology in the year 2020. The Department also offers sociology courses in Bachelor of Liberal Arts course, B.A. Programme for Sportspersons and P.G. Diploma in Gender Studies which started in 2020. The Department initially was run by two regular faculty members with a batch of thirteen students. Currently, the Department has five regular teaching faculty members and one non- teaching staff.

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Head of the Department

Recent Publications

  • Journal of North East India Studies. ISSN- 2278-1455, Vol 10, No. 2, pp. 50-66, Community, Trust and Belonging: Reflections from a Periodic Market in Assam, Journal of North East India Studies , [2021]

  • Shodh Sarita. ISSN: 2348-2397, Volume 8, Issue 29, pp. 169-173., Witchcraft Practices in Small Scale Societies, Shodh Sarita , [2021]

  • Explorations, ISS e-journal, Vol.4(1), April 2020, Cross-Cultural Understanding of Witchcraft Accusations., Explorations, ISS e-journal, Vol.4(1), April 2020 , [2020]

  • Shodh Sarita, ISSN- 2348-2397, Vol 7, No. 28, pp. 59-63, Craft as a Commodity: A Study of Markets and a Change in Consumer Culture, Shodh Sarita , [2020]

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