The Department initially introduced Postgraduate Course in the year 2015. The Under-Graduate (Pass Course) started in Sociology was started by the Department of Anthropology in August 2016. The course was handed over to the parent Department of Sociology in August 2017. Subsequently, the Department introduced the PhD Programme in June 2017. The Programme includes mandatory course-work for the duration of six months.

Currently, the Department of Sociology is running three courses, viz., Under-Graduate (pass Course), Postgraduate and PhD Programme. Since its inception, the Department adhered to the UGC Guidelines in the preparation of Syllabi and the Courses. A robust choice-based credit system (CBCS) and continuous assessment and grading pattern (CGPA) developed for the University. The CBCS has been implemented with the aim to encourage inter-disciplinary studies.

The Postgraduate course provides a wide range of theoretical perspectives and innovative approaches within both the existing and emerging areas of Sociology. The sociological curriculum encourages the students to enrich and sensitize about their social surroundings not just limited to classroom teachings but also through fieldwork. Their critical understanding of the society culminates in the form of dissertation as part of the syllabi. One of the major emphasis of the Department is to understand the fast-changing contemporary society through specialized courses offered such as Sociology of Northeast India, Urban Sociology, Sociology of Health and Medicine, Environmental Sociology, Sociology of Symbolism, Sociology of Social Movements, Population and Society etc. As per the robust CBCS syllabi structure, the Department also offers Skill Enhancement Courses (SECs) such as Social Audit and Action Research. The objective of introducing SECs is to provide a platform for students to pursue different career opportunities.